Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Findandremind and how does it really work?
  • Findandremind is a private and secure communication platform, social network, and online organizer for families, students, team leaders, and organizations that allows you to handle all your communications with other Findandremind members from one handy spot, your "Command Center". Here you can coordinate and organize everything from Events and Groups, to Carpools and Photos. Your Command Center and its content is completely PRIVATE to one else can see it. And you can access your account from anywhere online!  On Findandremind, we designed the system to let you easily track the "private view of your life" from your Command Center, and the "shared part of your life" through your Group Links and events you've shared with people.
  • Every member has their own private Command Center (online organizer and networking dashboard) to handle all communications and events with their family, friends, activity groups, etc. all in one spot.  The Command Center is your centralized dashboard with online Calendar, Message Center, To-do list manager, Group manager, and a slew of "create" functions to start all kinds of connections with others.
  • In order to make connections with others from your Command Center, you can invite people as Friends, start Group Links, share events and signup sheets with others, among other ways that connect you via the particular "linked" Event, Group, etc. you have in common with them.
  • For example, when you create or join a Group Link, which is like a “Group meeting place” or “hub” with its own separate home page for that Group's communications, the Group Link will appear on each group member's own Command Center (in the Group Link section at bottom right).  And all the members of that Group will also receive all messages and events from that Group in their own Command Centers.  The same goes for any event, carpool signup sheet, birthday invitation, etc! 
  • So what you end up viewing in your own Command Center (calendar, messages, etc.) is everything you created, joined, or were invited to and all the associated communications.  Because your Command Center is also connected in "realtime" to all these shared events, groups, etc. when any information is updated on them, everyone who shares that event or group receives immediate updates automatically!  Think about it...No more manual reminders, no more confusion, no more lost emails or endless phone calls to coordinate!  
I’m a Parent and just logged in for the first time...what now?

Whether you started with Findandremind on your own, or were signed up by your school, church/temple, or other organization into their Group Link, your account is yours and private only to you, and meant for you to schedule your own activities and create your own networks as well. So here are a few things you can do to get the most out of your experience on Findandremind:

1) COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE by clicking on the "Profile" link at the top of your Command Center, then click "Edit Personal Profile"...then enter your address or just cross street (so your Friends and Group Link members can find you for carpools, and you'll automatically get directions to your events!), enter your family members' names for adding to carpool seats, tagging to events, etc.  And don't have complete control over what your Friends and Group members can see on your profile (just click the little icon next to each field on your Edit Profile screen to change the privacy settings).

AND THIS PART IS REALLY COOL...there are many online activity groups in your area waiting for you!  You should see an alert in the top right of your Command Center to click on and join those groups in your area (after you enter your zip code in your Profile)!  You can also click "My Network" at the top and choose "Find Groups Near Me".

NOTE: These public groups exist only to help you connect with others in your area that may already be members. You can always create your own PRIVATE group links anytime.

2) BRING PEOPLE ONBOARD by clicking "Invite Friends" under the "My Network" dropdown at the top bar of your Command Center.

3) CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP LINKS (group home pages, e.g. a classroom, office group, soccer team, etc.): Hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose "Group Link", build your group and send out invites.  When your guests click on the email invitation, they will be asked to join Findandremind!  Get your school families, church/temple families, sports league, and other organizations you care about onboard so everyone can coordinate with ease!  The bigger the community the more powerful your organizing tools get!  If you started with Findandremind via your school or other organization, then you've got a head start!  But don't stop can bring in your friends, family, co-workers...anyone, and create your own separate private networks!


4) Now start scheduling and scheduling!  Click on any of the links when you hover over the red CREATE button to create Events, Group Links, Invitations, Schedules, Carpool and Pitch In signup sheets and more!  Or, click the links across the top bar to view your Calendar, send/view Messages, start/view To-dos, Group Links, etc. and view all your important happenings...all in one handy spot!

I’m an Organization, or a Staff Member (school/teacher, church/temple, non-profit, business, etc.) and just logged in for the first time...what do I do now?

1) Complete your Profile...just click on your "My Profile" link at the top of your screen (e.g. enter info about your organization, upload a logo or photo, or just enter your personal can control what everyone in your groups sees on your Profile via your Edit Personal Profile page). Your profile can be formal or informal, depending on how you want your contacts to see you. Your members will see this info when they click on your name where it's viewable (e.g. via your Group Link page, in messages, etc.), but they only see what you want them to see on your profile by adjusting your privacy settings. If you're a teacher or a room mom/dad of a classroom, or a school or business administrator, etc...just enter Profile details as you'd like to be viewed by your members.

2) Invite all your members into Group Links (just click on the "Create Group Links" to start the Group Link assistant). A Group Link will group your members together and centralize all your communications on a group Home Page, fully integrated with your findandremind messaging and event scheduling platform (as well as for all your members). You can create as many Group Links as you like for different components of your organization (like classrooms, fundraiser groups, after-school activities, your staff group, etc.).

You can create a couple different types of Group Links:

1) "Private, which is the default type.  Just leave the "Open" choice unchecked in the Create Group Link assistant.  

2)  "Open" is where any user with the link can join it, and shows Share button so members can copy and email the link to others (and may be searchable on the internet).  And rest assured that no one in your organization's group link can see another's contact information, e.g. email address, etc. unless users specifically allow so.

And a couple invite methods:

     a) "Invite people...", where invitations are sent to your invitees and they must click the link and join the group before receiving any group communications.

     b) "Add people to the Group Link immediately", where your invitees will be added to your group immediately, and receive an email notice "You have been added to Group Link XYZ". Guests you invite that are not yet members of findandremind will have an activation link in this email to register. Whether your guests are members of findandremind yet or not, they will start receiving Group Link communications immediately to their email address. This is a great option to choose if you're managing a classroom, school, organization, etc. Group Link and don't want anyone to miss information (since you don't have to wait for them to accept the group invitation to receive all communications).

Now you’re ready to easily coordinate and communicate in one handy and organized spot from within your Group Link homepages and your Command Center (click links to your left, and view your existing groups, events, and signups by clicking the orange "Find all My Stuff" button on your bottom left). Post bulletins, invitations and announcements, volunteer signup sheets (Pitch In’s) via your Group Link pages, view/update your calendar, families can organize carpools, and much more! People in your group links will receive all your postings on their own findandremind Command Center where your information is neatly organized and easy to find!

Creating your Group Links


GETTING STARTED | Creating your Group Links

(families, activity groups, organizations like a school or classroom, a church/temple, a non-profit org, etc.)

The way Findandremind works is every member has their own private Command Center to handle all communications and events with all their Group Links, friends, family, etc. A Group Link itself is like a single “meeting place” or separate “hub” that members access from their own Command center, and can only do so with groups they’re a member of. Once members join a particular Group Link, the link will pop up in their Command Center where they can click it anytime to view. So here’s how to create a Group Link and “connect” your members to it:

    1. First, hover your cursor over the red Create button and choose Group Link.


    1. On the first step of the Group Link assistant (after clicking 'Create Group Links' ), you have a few important choices to make as to what TYPE of Group Link you want to create and the method for bringing people onboard:

      on bottom left side of first step

      Group Settings

      1. PRIVATE: This is the default Group type, where only the members you invite (using their email address) can join the group

      2. OPEN: anyone who has the "URL" link to the Group and clicks on it can join the group. (Note: this Group type may be search-able in a public directory online if posted on a website, blog, etc.). It means that the users who have the link don’t need to be on an invitation list or have a particular email address to be a group member. Anyone who sees and clicks the link can join. There will be a Share button on the group page to that and you’ll see a link to copy (Ctrl C) and send to people, post on a website, etc.

      on right side of first step you have two choices:

      1. "Invite people" - People will receive an email invitation, and they have the choice to join the Group. Your guests must accept the invitation and join the group before they receive any group communications.

      2. Add People Automatically: Guests are immediately added to your Group Link without their needing to accept an invitation or click on a link. Your guests will receive an email stating "you have been added to Group Link "XYZ". Guests that are not yet members of Findandremind will receive a login link in the email to join Findandremind, and then will be directed to your Group Link page.

    2. On the “Add People” step, click 'Enter Emails' on the left and paste your member email list in the empty box, then click ‘Add’. You may need to wait for the list to load for a bit in the guest list area on the right, depending on how long your list is. Then click Next, review, then click 'Next' again and your invitations will go out to all your members.

      1. If you’d like to just create the Group Link page and invite people later (essentially just creating a “Draft” group link), then just click ‘Next’ on the Add People step without entering any guests. From the Group Link page later you can click “Invite People” at the top after you create the page and check it out.

      add People

    3. You did it! Now your members will be added to your Group Link according to your choice in step 1 above, and you’ll see their names on the Group Link home page (Members section) as they join. Here's what a Group Link page looks like:

add member subgroup

I was invited to a Group Link and signed up with findandremind. Now what?


I.  Getting Started:  For New Members of a Group Link

And getting familiar with your findandremind platform

(Groups Links are great to connect your family, a classroom or school, a church/temple, a non-profit org, a sports league, etc. in a secure central place)

So you’ve been invited to a Group Link, or were added to one, and joined findandremind to view the Group Link page of the group.  There’s a lot of good stuff at your fingertips now!  Take a look below to get acquainted with what’s in your findandremind account:

  1. Your “Command Center”:  You now have a complete communication center to view not only the Group Link you just joined, but also coordinate everything in your own life!  In it you’ll see a Calendar, Message Center, To-do section, and Group Link section, among a slew of “Create” tools.  


  1. Your Command Center is your single place to organize all your group links, events, messages, To-do’s, signup sheets, etc. in one handy spot for all your personal stuff, as well as coordinate with the organizations and other groups you’re a member of.  
    1. The Group Link you just joined from your organization, or any other other groups or users for that matter, CANNOT see your Command Center.  The only place where information is shared is on a Group Link page with the members of that group, and on event Invitation/Announcement screens with the guests of the particular event.


  1. Viewing your Group Links:  You’ll see the name of the Group Link you just joined in the bottom right section of your Command Center (see screenshot above).  If you click on that group name, you’re taken immediately to the group link page, which shows up directly in your Command Center dashboard.


  1. The Group Link page:  This is like a communication “hub”, and only members of the group can view or interact on the group link page.  It’s an “intranet” page for your group.  



  1. You can also create as many of your own Group Links as you want with the people in your own life too (for your family, school, church/temple, activity group, etc.).  


Command Center Overview:

  1. Group Link section:  This is the tracking area for all the Group Links you’re a member of, with some handy information about the Groups next to each group name (e.g. group Leader, Category of the group, etc.). Don't worry, members of one Group Link CANNOT see the other Group Links you have listed unless they are a member of those Groups too.  
    1. Just click on any of your Group Link names, and you’ll enter that Group Link home page to interact with the group members.  
    2. The Group Links with the newest content rise to the top automatically!  You can also sort alphabetically, by Leader’s name, etc. by just clicking on the column title.

  1. Calendar:  This is where ALL your events show up, both events you create and events that you were invited to, as well as events posted to any of your Groups.  What’s really cool about your findandremind calendar is a few things (“dashboard view” of calendar below):


  1. When you’re invited to an event by another findandremind Friend or Group Link member, it shows up IMMEDIATELY on your calendar as a link.  So when your organization posts an event to its Group Link page, it’s on your calendar in your Command Center too.  Just click the link to go straight to the event screen.
  1. When event details are changed by the event organizer, the details on your calendar change realtime!
  1. Your Calendar brings in ALL events, not only the ones you save yourself, but also the events posted on ALL the Group Links you’re a member of.  We designed your calendar this way so you see everything that could be important to you!
  1. On your calendar you will see all your personal events, as well as all the events posted to your Group Links.  We want you to be very organized and find what you want very easily (that’s what findandremind is all about!), so at the top of your calendar you’ll see a “Group Link” button.  This button allows you to choose which Group Link’s events to show on your calendar.  Just choose a Group Link name, click Apply, and voila!...only the events from that Group Link will show on your calendar! (“blown up” view of calendar below”):



  1. Message Center section:  This is the area in your Command Center where all your private messages, group link messages, invitations, To-do’s, reminders, and notifications roll in from all your contacts and Group Links on findandremind.
    1. Click “Create a Message” to send either a Private or Group message.
    2. To find stuff really easily, there are “filter buttons” in the top right (a lock, green envelope, etc.) that sort by the TYPE of message you’re looking for.  You can also sort messages by “who sent it” by clicking ‘People’ in the top left, or search by typing in a keyword.
    3. Just click the first line of a message, and you’ll be taken to the source of the message (e.g. the private message screen, a group link page, an invitation, etc.)

  1. To-do List section:  This is the tracking area in your Command Center for all your To-do Lists and individual tasks.
    1. Click “Create To-Do’s” to start one.  If you enter a Due Date, it will show on your calendar.  You can assign To-do’s to others, and they will show up on their calendar too!
    2. Just click on the names of your To-do’s to view your List/Tasks.  


I'm a Coach or League Admin and want to setup my team and do I do that?
  1. First, setup a Group Link for your team(s) so you have your own little private home page (like a private website) for the team or league to centralize all communications. Follow the "Creating Your Group Link" instructions under Getting Started.



  1. Click the Add Schedule icon at the top right of the Group Link page. 


  1. Then enter all the games and details and click “Save Events” at the bottom.


  1. Now all the games will be posted on the team/league Group Link page, the games are added to each team member’s findandremind calendar, and the schedule is also emailed to everyone!  Here's what it will look like on the Group Link page:

  1. Here’s what the Schedule screen looks like when you click on the games on the Group Link page (under Events & Signups), and then click the Schedule name on the individual game event screen.  Now all your team families can track everything effortlessly! 



Group Links - Private or "Open" groups (each group with its own Home Page)

What is a Group Link and how do I start one?


A Group Link is basically an "network" of people who share a common interest (e.g. an entire school or church/temple membership, a 3rd grade classroom, a soccer team, fundraiser groups, a weekend biking group, carpool groups...pretty much any shared interest).

Each Group Link has its own Home Page and Shared Calendar (like a communication "hub" for the group). The Home Page has a message board for group members to communicate, plus post all events, signup sheets, and blogs for the group...all just a click away in one handy spot. You can create as many Group Links as you like too!

We provide a couple types of Group Link choices for you to create: First, a Private "invite only" option, which only the people you invite can join. Second, an "Open" group link, which creates a "url link" that you can send to anyone you like to join (or put up on your website if you're an organization!). Anyone who clicks the link and registers with Findandremind can join the group.

To start a Group Link, click "Group Links" in the black bar at the top, and let the Assistant help you build a Group Link page in just a few easy steps.

Managing my Group Links (a descriptive tour of a Group Link Home Page)

What's really cool about Group Links is that each one you create actually has its own Home Page, kind of like a "meeting place" for your Group, where you can view or send information to all the Group Link members in one handy spot. Also, each piece of information on the Home Page also goes out to each group member's findandremind CALENDAR (for scheduled events), MESSAGE CENTER (for all group message posts, invitations to events and signups, etc), and regular EMAIL (to the address in each user's Profile).

We'll start from the top and go down:

I. The very top line of the page is your "administrative area", where you will see a few buttons (some only if you're an Admin of the group):

1) Share with People (only visible if you're a group Admin) - click here to add more people to your group link
2) Manage Members - click here to remove yourself from the group, assign Admin or Leadership status to other group members (only if you're an Admin of the group), and Remove members from the group (only if you're an Admin).
3) Edit Group Link - click here to make changes to your Group Link page (Name, Description, Category, whether members can post messages and events to the group, Upload/Change the photo/logo, or delete the group link altogether - trashcan icon).

4) Subscription settings - To choose whether to stop email notifications from this group, or to remove yourself fromt the group altogether.

II. Next line is the Name of your Group Link, and the name of the Leader of the group that all members of the Group Link will see. If you want to show another member's name at the top, then you would need to transfer Leader status to him/her on the Manage Members button above.

III. Next area is the Group Link Photo and Description, which you can edit anytime by clicking the Edit Group Link button at the top (if you are an Admin of the group).

IV. Below that is the Message Board for the Group Link, where all communications are posted in one handy place (and also sent to every members' Message Center and regular email (if they have that setting turned on). Just click the New Message link next to the green "Plus" sign, and post your message to the group. You can also upload files/photos and post as well.

V. On the top right of the page are some neat functions integrated into the Group Link page (just for the group link members to see).

1) "Add Carpool" - click on the "blue car" icon to post a Carpool signup sheet to the group
2) "Add Pitch In" - click the orange icon to post a Volunteer signup sheet to the group
3) "Add Invitation" - click the green envelope to post custom designed e-invitations and announcements to the group
4) "Add Event" - post an event to your group (just doesn't have a choice of themes)
5) "Add Schedule" - add a series of events to your group link that are tied together on one screen, like a soccer schedule, series of meetings, etc

VI. At the top of the "white paper" message board, you'll see these:

1)  “New Message” - Click to enter a Group message blast, which gets posted on the page and is also emailed to all Group members (you can choose to not send emails).
2) "Group Notes" - Add personal notes to the Group Link that only you can see, and integrated into your Findandremind personal notepad where all your Notes are neatly organized by Date, Category, and tagged to each Group Link.
3) "Group Photos" - click the camera icon to upload/view photos associated with the Group Link, where everyone in the group can enjoy the "seeing" the memories of all happenings within the group, always there to view and add!

4) "Group Calendar" - All the events posted the Group show up in the Group Calendar window so everyone can track events with ease!

VII. The four boxes on the right hold all the interesting items posted to the Group Link for members to see by just clicking on the items...

1) Members - This box lists all the members of the Group Link...just click on a member to view their Profile, send them a message, or ask to be their Friend. If you're an Admin of the Group Link, you'll see a green "plus" sign with an "Add Members" link at the top...just click on the link to add more people to the group.
2) Sub-Group Links - This box lists all the other Group Links that have been attached to the one you're viewing. Just click on a Group Link in that list and be taken directly to it! If you're an Admin of the Group Link, you'll see a green "plus"sign with an "Add sub-Group" link at the top...just click on the link to attach a sub-Group to the one you're viewing (e.g. for creating a classroom sub-group to the main school group). This way, all your related Group Links are just a click away from each other!
3) Event & Signups - This box contains the links to all the signup sheets (Carpools and Pitch Ins) and Events that were posted to the Group Link...just click on the links and you're taken directly to the signup sheet or event screens! Again...just a click away and all neatly organized within the Group Link!
4) Add Blog - This box lists all the Blogs posted to this Group Link. Blogs are just like micro-message boards, where you can organize individual forums by topic, but have them all "wired in" to the Group Link page. Just click "Add Blog" at the top to create a new Blog and post it. Again, just click on the Blog links to view them and make comments in each forum!

How do I post Messages, Events, Photos, and Notes or Files on a Group Link page?


Group Link Members

II.  GETTING STARTED:  Interacting on a Group Link page

Okay, so now you’re looking to interact with your group members.  Here’s an overview of some basic functions that will get you going!

  1. How to send “Group Messages” and “Private Messages” from a Group page:

  1. To send a message to the Group, click [New Message].  This message will be placed right on the “white paper” message board, and will also be emailed to all the members (there’s also a choice to NOT send out emails on the message entry screen).

You can insert images in the message body        Or you can add files as an attachmen


  1. To send a Private Message, just click the person’s name in the Members box and click [Send user a message] on their profile page.  


  1. How to view/post Group Notes:

The Notes area is a great place to save more permanent documents, important contacts, etc. for the Group members to easily access by clicking the Group Notes icon.

  1. To View Notes posted to the Group, just click [Group Notes] above.  Then click on the notes in blue text that you’re interested in to view.
  2. To enter/save some Notes for the Group, click [Group Notes] above.  Then click [Add Note to “XYZ Group”] at the top right of the screen.  Just enter a Title, then some notes and/or file attachments, and click [Save Note].  That’s it!

  1. How to view/post Group Photos:

The Group Photos area is a great place to share photos with the Group members.  And even better, we make it really easy to upload and view them!

  1. To View the Group’s photos, just click the [Group Photos] button (see below).  Then click a photo to “zoom in” and scroll through the photos.  

  1. To Upload a new photo to the Group, click the [Group Photos] button above, then click [Upload a Photo]

  1. How to view/post Group Events:

Posting events to your Group page is really easy using the “Action Buttons” at the top right of your Group Link page (see below):

  1. To add an Event invitation or announcement that is more like a customized card, click the [Add Event] button (green envelope), and then follow the steps to create the invitation card.
  2. To add a quick Event choose the [Quick-Add] button (clock icon).
  3. To add a “series” of events that are “tied together” on one schedule screen, click [Add Schedule] (calendar icon) and enter a bunch of events.

The Events will be posted in the “Events & Signups” section (see below) of the Group page for all the members to see (and just click on to view!).  The event invitations will also be emailed to all group members (if you choose), and will show up on each member’s own calendar in their Command Center automatically so everyone stays informed!


Posting events to your Group page is really easy using the “Action Buttons” at the top right of your Group Link page (see below):

  1. To add an Event invitation or announcement that is more like a customized card, click the [Add Event] button (green envelope), and then follow the steps to create the invitation card.
  2. To add a quick Event choose the [Quick-Add] button (clock icon).
  3. To add a “series” of events that are “tied together” on one schedule screen, click [Add Schedule] (calendar icon) and enter a bunch of events.

The Events will be posted in the “Events & Signups” section (see below) of the Group page for all the members to see (and just click on to view!).  The event invitations will also be emailed to all group members (if you choose), and will show up on each member’s own calendar in their Command Center automatically so everyone stays informed!


Posting events to your Group page is really easy using the “Action Buttons” at the top right of your Group Link page (see below):

  1. To add an Event invitation or announcement that is more like a customized card, click the [Add Event] button (green envelope), and then follow the steps to create the invitation card.
  2. To add a quick Event choose the [Quick-Add] button (clock icon).
  3. To add a “series” of events that are “tied together” on one schedule screen, click [Add Schedule] (calendar icon) and enter a bunch of events.

The Events will be posted in the “Events & Signups” section (see below) of the Group page for all the members to see (and just click on to view!).  The event invitations will also be emailed to all group members (if you choose), and will show up on each member’s own calendar in their Command Center automatically so everyone stays informed!



Can I create a Private sub-group that only I can see (and the guests I invite) on another Group Link page

Yes!  Findandremind allows you to mix and match Group Link types, and layer them under other Group Links so it's easy to jump from one Group to the next from a single Group page.

Just click "Add sub-Groups", follow the assistant steps to create the type of Group you want (PRIVATE or OPEN, "Invite people" or "Add Members"), invite your guests and Send.  The sub-Group will show up in the sub-Groups section (see below).  If you made the sub-Group PRIVATE then only the members you invited will see the Group listed there (if the members of the main Group page you posted the sub-group to were not invited, they won't see it listed there!). 



How do I send another user a Message?

A few ways:

1) Click the "Create a Message" link at the top left of your Message Center, choose either individuals (from your Friends List) or entire Group Links to send a message to, enter your message, and click Send.

2) Or, on any Invitation, Signup Sheet, or Group Link screen that you're a guest of...or anywhere on the site for that matter...just click on another person's name on the guest/member list, which takes you to their profile. If you're already a Friend or Group Link member with that person, just click "Send user a Message". If you're not Friends or Group Link members yet, you must first request Friendship from that person before you can send them a private message.

3) Or, if you received a Private Message from someone, just click on the message in your Message Center, and at the bottom of the message screen click "Reply to this message." Also, on most alerts you receive in your Message Center, the sender's name is included...just click on their name to send them a message (again, you'll need to be Friends or Group Link members first though).

How does Findandremind help me communicate?

At Findandremind, we help you simplify your communications by organizing everything in one handy place from your Command Center, where all your connections are just a click away.

- In your Message Center: Where all your messages and notifications come the "Messages" link at the top of your screen. Try the "filter" buttons to quickly find what you're looking for.

- Directly on your Invitations and Signup Sheets: Every e-Invitation/Announcement and Signup Sheet (Carpool and Pitch In) has a message board for guests to talk about only that event, so you always know where to find those messages in one handy spot for easy retrieval of discussions.

- Directly on your Group Link home pages: Every home page has a message board to organize all communications only with that group...again, neatly organized and always on that page so you know where to find those messages with just a click.

- Directly on To-do Lists: so everyone involved with a particular To-do that was assigned (either to you, or by you to someone) can communicate only about that particular To-do. And quickly find the communication either on your To-do dashboard (blue button at top), or click the orange Find all My stuff button on the bottom left (click To-Dos).

- In Blogs: These are like micro-message boards you can create for any activity or topic, and organize your discussions on individual Blog pages that you can find with just a click. Blogs are attached to your Group Link home pages for easy retrieval with a click, directly on your Group Link page.

Settings / Privacy

I’m concerned about my does Findandremind protect my personal information from other members?

At Findandremind, privacy and security are our top priorities...

1) Rest assured that on findandremind, only YOU control what info about you is shared with others; only your Friends, Group Link members, and other guests you share events with can even see you on the site!

2) Any member must invite you to become a Friend or a Group Link member (with your acceptance), or be a guest with you on an Invitation or Signup Sheet before they can even see your Profile (and must be a Friend or Group link member of yours to send you a message). When you allow your contacts to view your profile, they will only see your First Name/Last initial, and your Username by default. It’s up to you to turn off your privacy settings and show exactly what info you’d like your contacts to see on your Profile (e.g. your last name, birthday, phone number, location, etc).

How do I adjust my Notification Settings for messages, alerts, etc. that I receive?

Click on "My Profile" in the yellow sticky at the top of your Command Center. Scroll down to the "Notification Settings" section. Then just check/uncheck the boxes for the message types you'd like to receive/stop in your external email or in your findandremind account. Then click Save at the bottom.

However, if you decide to turn off your external email alerts (as we encourage), then you will only get your important notifications in your findandremind account. So be sure to visit the site often to stay updated!

How do I change my Password?
  • Hover your cursor over your thumbnail photo at the top right of your Command Center and choose "Account Settings".


  • Just enter your new password in the two empty fields that say "Password" and "Confirm password" and hit Save at the bottom. You're all set.


I forgot my do I get a new one?
  • On the Home Page of the website, just click "Forgot Password?" at the top right.

  • Then enter your username (if you know it) or your email address, and a login link will be sent to you.

  • Just click on the link, and change your password...that's it!  
Can anyone else see my Command Center (Calendar, Message Center, etc.) where I coordinate and view all my activities and messages?

Absolutely not! Your Command Center is completely private and "for your eyes only."

Whatever you enter into your own Calendar, Message Center, or anything else in your account is seen ONLY BY YOU! And only information you CHOOSE to share with others (e.g. messages you send to others, postings to a Group Link, invitations and signup sheets sent to others for events, etc.) will be viewed by them in their OWN Command Center in their Findandremind account.

Your own Calendar on Findandremind is NOT "share-able"...we intentionally created it this way as a privacy safeguard for all Findandremind members. Your Calendar is only viewable by you. When you invite people to events or post events to Group Links, they will see the events on their OWN Findandremind calendar, and vice versa.

The only place information is "shared" is in a Group Link home page (e.g. your school group link, etc.), and visible only by the members within that group, or on an Event invitation or signup sheet by the invited guests.  And each of your Group Links is a separate private network, and people within each of your groups cannot see anything of yours outside of the group. So to create a "Shared place" with a group, click "Create a Group Link" and set it's easy!

Can I get text alerts for all my events? If so, how?

1) Hover over your little profile pic at the top right of your dashboard and choose Personal Profile

2) Then click the Edit Personal Profile

3) Enter your mobile phone number in the field provided, and check the "Send me text alerts..." box under it. 

That's it!  Now you'll get text reminders for various items you've scheduled!

Finding People You Know

How do I invite new members to Findandremind?

A couple of ways:

1) Just click  My Network at the top bar of your Command Center and choose "Invite Friends". Then follow the steps, and off go your invitations! (these members will receive Friend invitations, and will appear on your Friends list when they join!).

2) Or just start an Invitation, Schedule, Group Link, etc, and when you invite people to your group or event by entering their email addresses, they will be asked to become members prior to viewing your invitation, unless they're already members of course (however, these new members won't become Friends by joining the site via this route).

I don’t have any Friends do I add people to my Friends list?

Just click on the "My Network" link at top bar of your Command Center and choose Invite Friends.  Then enter a personalized message, enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to ask to be friends with, or import contacts from your email provider.  

When your invitation is accepted, you'll receive a notification and your friend will automatically show up on your Friends List! That's it!

NOTE: Your Friends list CANNOT see anything in your Command Center (your calendar, etc.).  If you want a place to Share info with people, hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose Group Links, which creates a private Group home page with people you want to share info with (e.g. for family, sports teams, classrooms, etc.)

How do I invite people to an Event, Group Link, or Sign Up Sheet?

On the "Invite People" step on every Assistant (to create Group Links, Invitations, Carpools, etc. click the buttons on your left), you have multiple ways to invite people...1) Invite Friends, 2) Post to Groups, 3) Enter Email addresses, or 4) Import Contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

1) Just click on the four buttons on the left of the "Share with People" screen to choose whom you'd like to invite (you can combine any of the methods to build your invite list too). When you click on Invite Friends for instance, you'll see a list of all your Findandremind Friends to invite. (If you haven't built your Friends list yet, then use the following two methods). Just click the checkboxes next to their names, and see them join the Invite List on the right.

2) Then you can click on "Post to Groups" and choose either to invite an entire Group Link or just invite a few members within a Group Link. Just select from you Group List in the dropdown, then click "Add entire Group Link" to invite a group, or click "Show users" to see who is a member of your chosen Group Link and invite people individually from it.

3) Then click on "Enter Emails" to enter email addresses manually. If you have a long list of emails in a Word or spreadsheet document, just paste them in the box in the middle and click "Add", and easily invite a huge group of people.

4) Then click Import Contacts (from AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, or Yahoo), enter your login/password to your email account, and click "Fetch my contacts". After you have built your Invite List on the right, you can easily remove people by clicking the "trash can" icon next to their name.

Common scenarios and what tools to use on findandremind to solve them!

I just want to discuss an activity with my friends or members (carpooling, playdates, school or church activity, any activity group) in one organized do I do that?

The easiest way is to create a Group Link by clicking the link in the "Create Group Links" button on the left side of your Command Center, and follow the easy steps to invite people you know into your group (you can create an unlimited number of groups by the way).

You will then have a Group Link Home Page created, with a Message Board right in the middle of the page where everyone can have a conversation, a Shared Calendar and much more all in one handy more scattered emails that people miss or can't find!

Note: All Group notifications are also sent to every member's email address.  But the sender of the notification can choose whether or not to email notify everyone when posting something.

I need help for a last minute important request (i.e. "I'm stuck in traffic and need a friend to pickup my daughter", or "I need a parent to help fill in for someone at the school Book Fair tomorrow")

We have exactly the fix!

Click the "I Need Help ASAP!" button on your left. Enter a quick Subject and Description of what your need is, and choose the number of people you need to help, and click Next. Then Invite anyone who might be able to help, confirm, and click Next to send the Need Help invitation.

Here's what happens...

Your request goes out to everyone you invited. If you needed on 1 person for example, then when the first person accepts the request, you are notified immediately. Then, the system automatically sends out a friendly cancellation notice to everyone else. If you happened to choose 2 people needed, then the same process happens as soon as 2 people accept, etc.

Think about all the time you save not having to make phone calls one by one! And you don't have to track several responses if you performed the same request via regular email. You get your help quickly and findandremind does the work for you!

I want to schedule a Playdate for my child. How do I do that?

A couple ways:

1) Click Invitations & Announcement on the left and choose the category Playdates.. * Try the Auto Invite feature and let findandremind find a playdate for you...just choose who you'd like to invite and findandremind does all the work! (see the "Events and Invitations" section for the Auto Invite description). * Or try the "Invite people near me" method ...findandremind will search for your Friends and Group Link members in your area within a radius you choose, and populates your playdate invites nearest to farthest!

2) Just create a Group Link (see the section on "Group Links") and invite your friends into a group. Then use the message board on your Group Link Home Page to plan playdates casually, or post actual playdate events to the Group Link (which goes to everyone group member's personalcalendar automatically).


Can I create a survey to see how many participants I can get for an event before I actually schedule it?

Yes, you can use the "Pitch In or Fill In" signup sheet to do that! (click "Create Pitch In or Fill In" on left side of your Command Center)

1) If you have just one event to take a survey about: When you're adding Jobs/Items on the Add Jobs step of the Pitch In assistant, give your first Job a title like "How many people can attend Activity 1 event?". Then choose a large number in the People Needed field, enough to allow for the number of votes you think you'll need (e.g. if you need at least 10 people to make the event happen, choose 10).

2) If you have multiple Jobs and/or dates to take a survey about (to gather interest on one event versus another, or just to do surveys for multiple future events independently): Just repeat step 1, changing the Job Title and number of people needed each time (e.g. "vote on Activity 1", "vote on Activity 2", etc).


What kinds of calendars do I have in my Command Center?

You have two primary calendar types on Findandmind, PRIVATE and SHARED:

  • Your PRIVATE calendar is the calendar you see in your Command Center when you login (either the small view, or large view by clicking the blue Calendar button at top).  All the events you save here are private to you (unless you actually share an event with individuals or post to a Group).

Online Calendar Schreenshot - click to enlarge


  • You also have SHARED calendars on every Group home page you're a member of, where the members of that particular group can track events in one central place.  These group events are also automatically "pushed out" to your private calendar in your Command Center so you can view the events from there too.



How do I enter an Event?
  1. Just click an empty spot on the calendar Day (you can also click "Create an Event" at the top left of the calendar).
  2. Enter your event details (choose a reminder time, Add Guests, enter an address and the event will be mapped with a click, etc.
  3. Voila!...your event appears on your Calendar!
  • NOTE:  Other types of events you create (Invitations/Announcements, Schedules, Volunteer or Carpool Signup Sheets, etc.) will all show up immediately on your calendar when you create them, and on your guests' calendars too!
How do I create a Shared Calendar?
  1. Start a Group Link home page for the people you want to share a calendar with:  Hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose Group Link to start.  Follow the steps.
  2. On the Group Link home page, click the "Group Calendar" button in the middle of the page, and you'll see some icons with different types of events to add.
  3. To add a simple event, click "Add Event" and fill out the details.  To add a series of events, click "Add Schedule" and enter a bunch of events.  
  4. Once you save your event(s), it will show up on the Group Calendar and under the "Events and Signups" section on the right side of the group link page.  Now all your group members can see this calendar!  

NOTE: you can create as many group link pages with calendar as you like for different schedules you have with different people in your life!

I want to view only the events from one of my Group Links on my private Calendar. How do I do that?

Your Findandremind private Calendar will show all the events you created, as well as any events that others have sent to you, including carpool seats and volunteer jobs you signed up for.

If you'd like to see only the events of a particular Group Link on your calendar for instance, we made it really easy for you to "filter" your events so you can view only what you want to:

Online Calendar Schreenshot - click to enlarge

Just click the "Group Events" dropdown at the top of your private Calendar. Choose the Group Link and click "Apply", and your calendar will show only the events of that Group Link. That's it!


Events and Invitations

How do I create an Event or an e-Invitation?

A few ways to do that:

1) Create a Calendar Event (just a quick way to add an event on your calendar) simply by clicking on an empty space on a date in the calendar. Then just fill in your event details on the event entry screen. You can also click "Create an Event" in the top left of the calendar or click the "Quick-Add Event" button on the left side of your Command Center

2) Create an RSVP e-Invitation or Announcement that you'd like to send to others, click on the "Create Invitations & Announcements" button on your left, and follow the easy step-by-step Assistant.

3) If you want to enter a bunch of events (e.g. a season soccer schedule) all at once, the use the "Create Schedule" function!

How do I post an event or sign up sheet to a Group Link (and have it show up on the group Home Page)

A few of ways:

1) On the Group Link Home Page, simply click one of the icons in the top right (for Add Invitations, Add Carpool, Volunteer sign up, etc.). These icons will launch the Assistant Screen to create your event and automatically invite that Group Link. After sending the event invitation, the link to that event will show up directly on the Group Link's Home Page (in the Events & Sign Ups section) for all the group members to view anytime.

2) When you're creating your invitation or signup sheet, etc. (from hovering your cursor over the red CREATE button), on the step where you invite people click the "Invite Group Links" button on the left, then choose the Group Link(s) you would like to invite. After sending your invitation, the link to the event or signup you just created will show up on that Group Link's Home Page in the group's "Events & Sign Ups" box for easy retrieval by the group, just like in 1) above.

3) If you already created an event or signup sheet, and now want to post it on a particular Group Link page, just click "Invite People" at the top of the Invitation or Sign Up Sheet screen, and follow 2) above.

What is the "Auto Invite" feature choice when creating Invitations, and how do I set it up?

Auto Invite is a unique method of inviting people to an event when you have a limited number of spots and a preference for whom you'd like to invite first! Here's how...

1) First choose the number of spots available for your event (i.e. just "1" for a Playdate, or "2" volunteers for an event, etc).

2) Then choose the time interval between when the first set of invites go out (to your top choices) and when that invite expires and the next set of guests is invited. Basically it's the amount of time you give the guest to respond.

3) Then choose all the guests you'd like to potentially invite (like you would for a standard invitation), except now you get to put the guests in order of your preference. Just click on your favorite guest's name in the list and drag to the top of the list, then click on your second favorite and drag to second place, etc, etc.

Now the cool part...the system does all the inviting for you! more endless phone calls and scattered emails trying to find people to accept! The system automatically sends an invitation to only the top person on your guest list (or top two if you chose two spots available, etc). The guests must respond in the time interval you chose in step 2 above, otherwise their invitation is automatically cancelled and they receive a friendly cancellation notice. Then the next person in your list is automatically sent an invitation, and so on and so on. The invitation process will automatically end once your desired number of guests accept (what you chose in step 1 above)!

And don't worry...the guest list will NOT be seen by your guests...otherwise they might get a little grumpy if they're not your #1 :)

Sign Up Sheets - Carpools and Volunteers

I’d like to start a do I do that?

A couple of ways:

1) For the “Casual” Carpoolers - just create a Group Link of people whom you’d like to carpool with, and use the group message board to discuss trips in one handy place, right on your own carpooling Home Page. (Just click on "Create Group Links" on your left to start one).

2) For the “Serious” Carpoolers - create Carpool signup sheets...There are two ways to do so:
a) If you already have a Group Link of people who may be interested in the carpool (e.g. your soccer team group), you can create a Carpool signup sheet directly from the Group Link home page by clicking the "Car" icon in the top right of your Group Link home page. And better yet, this method will post the signup sheet in the Events & Signup section on the Group Link page so everyone in the group can view anytime.
b) If you have a specific guest list of people who are not in a Group Link, then just click the "Create Carpools" link on your left and follow the Assistant (enter your carpoolers' email addresses, choose people from your Friends list, etc).

What's great about a signup sheet is that people can signup for driver and passenger spots with just a click, and it's super easy to monitor. Also it's completely integrated into everyone’s findandremind calendar, reminder system, and mapping system.

I’d like to Recruit people to help out with an event (i.e. helping out with a fundraiser event, snack duty for soccer games, or any job) do I do that?

A couple ways:

1) For the “Casual” Volunteer organizers - just create a Group Link of friends you tend to coordinate volunteer events with often, and use the message board to discuss open volunteer positions with the group in one handy place. Just click on the "Create Group Links" button to your left and follow the easy steps to start a Group Link.

2) For the “Serious” Volunteer finders - create a "Pitch In" (volunteer) signup sheet and post to a group of people for specific events, with job spots to signup for and track, and fully integrated into everyone’s findandremind calendar and reminder system. Just click the "Create Pitch In or Fill In" link on your left and follow the assistant. You can also add a Pitch In signup sheet directly on any of your Group Link home pages by clicking the orange "Pitch In" icon in the top right of your Group Link screen. The group members will receive the signup sheet automatically!

Can I assign other people to Carpool seats or Volunteer sign up spots?

If you're an Admin of a Carpool or Volunteer sign up sheet, then YOU'RE IN LUCK! Just click on a Carpool seat or Volunteer sign up spot, and a list will pop up with not only your family members listed, but also every person that is a member of the carpool! Just click on their name to assign them to a space. It will automatically show on their calendar, and they'll receive automatic reminders!

How do I create a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet (for Volunteer recruiting, sign up for items to bring to a potluck, take a survey of people's interest in different activities, etc)?

Click the "Create Volunteer Sign Up Sheets" link on the left side of your Command Center to kick off the Assistant screens (or if posting from a Group Link screen, click the Pitch In icon in the top right of the Group Link home page)...the Assistant steps will guide you through setting up your signup sheet quickly and easily!

I. First, choose what type of signup sheet you'd like to create by clicking the big green/blue buttons on the first step of the assistant. Any of the types below can be used to take surveys of people's interest for particular activities too!

   1. "Just One Date and Time" - choose this type if you have just one event where you need people to signup for various jobs or items to bring, all on the same Date and Time (as opposed to each job/item having a different date/time)...e.g. for food items needed at a Potluck or birthday party, various volunteer spots for Book Fair day at school, etc. So with this choice, the signup sheet will show only one date/time for the entire signup sheet, and list all the jobs and/or items under that single date and time.

   2. "Various Dates and/or Times" - choose this type if you have either one event with multiple jobs each at different times, or multiple events with jobs on different dates and at various times...e.g. carnival booth signups for a 2-day school or church fundraiser, signups for parent readers each week for the semester with varying times, or substitute teachers needed for different dates and times.

   3. "No specific Date/Time" - choose this type if you need to fill jobs spots for a "general" period of time...e.g. signups for room Moms for the year, or teaching assistant positions for the semester, or coaches needed for the baseball season. Just describe the time period in the Description field.

How do I attach a sign up sheet to my Group Link page?

Just click "Share with people" at the top of your signup sheet, click "Post to Group Links' on the left, choose your Group Link from the dropdown in the center and click "Add entire Group Link"

Then Next at the bottom. Review on the next page, then click Next at the bottom again to Save. Now your sign up sheet will be posted on the Group Link page you chose!


How do I create a To-do (either for myself or assign to someone)?

1) Click the blue "To-Do Lists" button at the top of your Command Center. This is where you can create and view all your To-do's. Click "Create To-Do's" in the top left and you'll be taken to the To-do entry screen. 


2) First, if the To-do tasks will be assigned to yourself, just leave the first box checked. Enter a Due Date for your tasks, if any. (if you don't enter a due date, then your to-do tasks won't show up on your calendar). Uncheck the box if you want to assign the To-do's to someone else.

3) Next, if you would like to receive a reminder message for your To-do's, check the "Send a reminder" box and enter an amount of time prior to the Due Date to receive an automatic message reminder.

4) Next, you have a choice to group all your Tasks into a one List (good for organizing related tasks together, and only one notification will be sent for all tasks, otherwise each task goes out individually as a separate message). *If you just want to enter a bunch of separate tasks really fast, then skip this step.*

Enter a Name for your List and choose a Category for it. If you unchecked the box at the top, then you'll see a choice for "Assign entire list of tasks to one person". Check this if you'll be assigning all the To-do tasks to one person (as opposed to assign each task to a different person). Choose the person (Friend or Group member), and enter a Date Date (not required, but if no Due Date entered then it won't show on your recipient's calendar or yours).

5) Now enter all your Tasks in the spaces at the bottom. To open up more fields, click Add More Tasks at the bottom. Click "Assign" next to each Task to choose a person to assign to and a Due Date.

When you choose someone to Assign the Task to, the Task will be sent to his/her message center (and external email if they have that setting turned on), and when they click the Complete checkbox on the Task screen, you will receive a notification automatically. Now you can track what's done and what's not!


What is a Blog and how do I post one?

A couple of ways:

A Blog is like a micro-message board in your Groups for any specific topic you like (i.e. church/temple fundraiser events, homework postings, activity group discussions,...just about anything)...a great way to organize all your group conversations into separate and organized message boards.

First, you'll need to create a Group Link (a group of people you know) to be the home for your Blog, so just view the Group Link building instructions to start one. If you already have your Group Link created, then continue reading on...

1) Click the "Create a Blog" button in the blue section to your left. Give it a Title and Category, then choose the Group Link where you'd like to post the Blog to. Then upload a photo of your choice to show on the Blog page, give the blog a Description and hit Save. The Blog will now show up on the Group Link Home Pages you posted to.

2) Or, directly on the Group Link Home Page where you'd like to post your Blog, click the "Add Blog" button at the bottom right Blog section. Just enter your blog details and hit Save. Now your blog is posted to the Group Link and shows up on the group's Home Page in the Blog box.